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04 Jul 2008

Who works for who?

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It’s getting like a game of musical chairs.  First we had the announcement a couple of weeks ago that Scott Morris was moving to InternetworkExpert.  Scott had previously been the mainstay of IPexpert.

Now we have an announcement that Narbik has joined up with IPexpert:

IPexpert and Narbik Kocharians Join Forces

 It is with great excitement that we reunite with Narbik Kocharians to offer the most incredible CCIE training value available anywhere! Narbik is a well-recognized triple-CCIE with an outstanding name in the CCIE training space, known for his unique style and magnetic personality. 

Read the full story here.

There seems to be a bit of a ratings war going on between the big three: IPexpert, InternetworkExpert, and NetMasterClass.  I am gratified to see that I am on the “success stories” list of all three, having used materials from all three.  I would always recommend that any candidate should use materials from at least two vendors, otherwise you can get too used to the way a particular vendor phrases his questions.  (P.S. Sorry, I forgot CCBOOTCAMP, which should also be considered one of the “big four”.  I forgot them just because I have not used their materials yet.)

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