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01 May 2008

[OT] No support from Sony Ericsson?

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I have a new phone, a Sony Ericsson 550i.  I bought it to replace my old Sony Ericsson K750i whose joystick had packed up.  (I notice that they have removed the joystick from the design now.  Just as well: it was a real dog.  Almost guaranteed to break.)

I wanted to ask a question about compatible flash memory chips for my new phone.  But apparently, because I live Luxembourg, I cannot get support.  If you look at their web site, Luxembourg is not listed.

Being English mother-tongue, I approached the UK site in the hope of getting support in the language I am most comfortable with.  But they refuse to talk to me, telling me instead to contact my local support line.  Obligingly, they sent me a list of their support centres for Europe.  Of course, Luxembourg is not on the list.

I am not impressed.  I shall try Sony Ericsson Belgium and see if that works.  It offers support in French (which I do speak some) and Flemish (which I don’t), but it’s anyone’s guess if that is the right one for Luxembourg.

You would think that an international corporation like Sony Ericsson would offer international support.  Next time I think I shall buy Nokia.



  1. Try the chat on this page, or email to north american support:

    Comment by agent d — 03 May 2008 @ 17:32

  2. Thank you for the link. As it happens, I just got an answer today from Sony Ericsson Belgium.

    The K550i takes an M2 chip, and the largest size supported (due to addressing constraints) is 2 GB. (So the 4 GB microSD that the shop sold me with the phone is not so useful. I shall have to put it in its USB adapter to be used as a portable stick for the computer.)

    Comment by dorreke — 03 May 2008 @ 21:43

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