Kevin Dorrell, CCIE #20765

20 Apr 2008

Oh-Oh! Have I hit a bug?

Filed under: General, IOS Bugs, IPv6 — dorreke @ 18:02

Following NMC Lab16, I reloaded my stack, only to find R1 is in a reload loop.  This isn’t the first time it has happened, and it was R1 last time as well.  I wonder if I have a hardware problem, or whether it is an IOS bug.  Last time I managed to fix it by loading without the NVRAM, just like a password recovery, then loading the config once the router was running.  This time, the technique didn’t work; as soon as I pasted in the old config, it would crash again.

So instead, I loaded up the router without the NVRAM config, then added the config section by section.  I narrowed down the crash to a distribute-list in my IPv6 RIP process.  The distribute list was called “default-only”, and I think it didn’t like that for some reason.  It referred to a prefix list that has only the default route in it. Anyway, I shouldn’t have needed it, because the SHOWiT solution is much more elegant: ipv6 rip RIP default-information only.

As someone recently commented, it’s just as well they use that special bug-free version of IOS for the CCIE exam labs!



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