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15 Apr 2008

NMC Lab 15

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It is already week 16 and I have not started Lab 15 yet.  But I had a great weekend back in blighty at a retirement party for one of my old school friends who I had not seen for 15 years or so.   So this evening I went for lab 15.  Fortunately I am getting more confident as time goes on.  I am beginning to count the things that delay me rather than the things that don’t.  I got as far as the end of section 10 (of 13) in about 3 hours.  Here are the things that I must revise:

  1. I had to look up how to configure a static neighbor in IPv6 OSPF.  (On the interface)
  2. When I redistributed connected Lo103 into OSPF on R3 (15.6.3), I was prepared for the other connecteds to stop being injected, so I compensated with a route-map.  This is the sort of issue that I am pleased I can spot in advance now.  They give the game away a bit by putting this requirement in 15.6.3 with the redistribution.  It would have been meaner to put it in as 15.3.5 with the OSPF.
  3. I stumbled a bit on the BGP, taking 45 minutes when it should have taken 30 – 40.  My access list for the route filter was not fluent.  At first, I forgot to specify the update-source on the neighbors, so I could have configured much more efficiently if I had thought about it in advnace.
  4. I cheated by looking at the answer key for the as_path regular expression, even though it was a very simple one.  I must read that up in Wendell Odom again.
  5. When I did the NAT – 15.8 – it took me by surprise when the route turned up in R1.  (I keep “ip debug routing” on all the time.)  I should not have been surprised, given my solution to 15.6.3 (see #2 above).
  6. I wimped out of 15.9.  I recognise it as EEM, but I did not have the courage to tackle it.  Domani.  Magari.

I have to be in work very early tomorrow, so I shall call it a day now.  I shall try and get round to writing up the solution to my VTP problem tomorrow, once I have got Lab 15 out the way.

Am I really getting faster, or am I just getting used to the NMC format?  Maybe I need to try labs from a variety of different vendors.



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