Kevin Dorrell, CCIE #20765

01 Apr 2008

NMC Lab 14

Filed under: IPv6, LAN Switching, NAT, RIP, Security — dorreke @ 22:10

Busy busy busy, so I only have time for a few notes which I hope I shall expand later.  Just to punish myself for my mistakes … 🙂

  • 14.4.1 : RIP : I read too much into the requirements.  I read 14.4.1 as meaning that I should set up neighbor relations R2<–>R6<–>R4, but not R2<–>R4.  Then I wondered why there was nothing in the requirements about the route from R2 to and from R4 to  (Of course, the answer would have been no ip split-horizon on R6-F0/0.)  But it seems I “spotted an issue” that wasn’t there in the first place! 
  • 14.8.1 : Security : I’m just going to have to sit down and read the Command Reference for all those itty-bitty security commands.  Boring or what!
  • 14.9 : IPv6 : Don’t mess about thinking “can I get away without specifying link-local addresses”.  In a frame-relay configuration, they are absolutely essential so that you can set frame-maps to them.  Do them as a matter of course.  Oh, and the pseudo-broadcast should only go to the link-local at the other end of the DLCI, not to any of the others.  I wasted an hour on the IPv6 section that should have taken me half that time.
  • 14.10.2 : Layer-3 access list on Catalyst layer-2 port.  This can be done; I know because I do it all the time on my 4500 switches at work.  What I am a bit puzzled at here is that the access-lists don’t seem to be counting packets.  My first attempt didn’t include return traffic for telnet, so I know the access-list is working.  So why doesn’t it count packets?
  • 14.11.2 : NAT : ip nat source list 11 pool IG overload will not do instead of ip nat inside source list 11 pool IG overload. I’m not sure what it does without the “inside” keyword, but it does accept the command, and it doesn’t do the job I wanted it to.  Careful!

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