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15 Mar 2008

IOS Gotcha : Copying configs to flash

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This is a particularly nasty gotcha if it getscha.  My lab consists mainly of a stack of six 2611XM routers with various WICs and NMs.  Because they are the XM model, there is plenty of room left over in the flash.   I like to use that to keep copies of all the lab configs, so that I can go back to them quickly.  It can restore the configs of an old lab to the whole stack and have it up and running within 15 minutes.  This is me saving the config of NMC Lab 11:

R3#copy run Lab11.R3.cfg 
Destination filename [Lab11.R3.cfg]? 
Erase flash: before copying? [confirm]n 
Verifying checksum...  OK (0xF433) 
4701 bytes copied in 11.611 secs (405 bytes/sec) 

Why oh why is the default to erase the flash before copying?  One slip of the finger, one ENTER too many, and not only have I lost all my library of lab configs, but I have to re-install the IOS as well.  Luckily I keep copies of the configs on my PC as well (by logging the console and doing a term len 0 and a show run) but that does make the process of saving the lab rather longer.


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  1. ‘file prompt quiet’ can be enabled in Global config mode. It will prevent the erase prompt.

    Comment by Phillip — 30 Oct 2008 @ 03:52

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