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13 Mar 2008

IOS Gotcha : con f

Filed under: IOS features — dorreke @ 09:37

I’m not sure whether this really qualifies as an “IOS Gotcha”.  It is not IOS’s fault, and only someone with fat asychronous fingers like me could trip over it.

The string I most often type when I’m doing a lab is “conf t<ENTER>”.  Well, I wish it was, because very often keystrokes get transposed.  Sometimes I transpose the ‘f’ and the sapce, so it comes out as “con ft”.  Sometimes I traspose the ‘t’ and the <ENTER>, so it comes out as “conf <ENTER>t”.  Sometimes I accidentally type it when I am already in config mode.

It’s no wonder my career as a guitarist never really took off.

Only once have I made all three mistakes in the same command.

Now, I wonder whether a config-register of 0x000f is benign … 😉



  1. Ahh man- you are not alone with the fumble fingers.

    Comment by Doug — 15 Mar 2008 @ 00:28

  2. Good tip; I know I’ve done that. Now I’m off to SSH into all my routers and “show ver | i Config”…

    Comment by Jon — 28 Mar 2008 @ 03:51

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