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11 Mar 2008

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I’m sitting here clicking around, posting a few things on NetPro, and generally benefiting from other people’s lab experiences.  I enjoy answering questions on NetPro and DISCUSSiT, because it is a great way to learn.  When you try and explain something, it’s then that you realise where the holes are in your own understanding.  That’s the benefit of blogging too.

One of the pages I clicked to was my own blog stats.  I get around 20 – 40 hits per day.  I am sure other blogs get many hundreds of times that, and quite deservedly so.  But I am still honoured that someone or somebot decided to navigate to my pages.

The most amusing thing I find in the blog stats are the lists of search terms that people used to find my blog.  I kind of feel a certain responsability for that.  If someone had typed “teach me BGP” into Google and landed on my pages, I feel that maybe I should have something relevant to say about it.  It might even be good revision and consolidation for me.  But there are so many search terms that it is a quandry which ones to write about.

The most startling search term was “”.  I guess someone had that address in their network and wanted to know who owned it.  (If you are reading this, is part of a “free-for-all” allocation of IP address space.  Any site can use that address, and it is not routable on the Internet.  For more details, see RFC-1918.)  What really astounded me was how they could possibly have found me just on a mention of that address in a blog page, and in a debug output at that.  So I typed it into Google, and guess what … I was the first hit!

So, Ethan may be the first for “CCIE Candidate”, and deservedly so.  But it seems for this 15-minutes I am the world authority on 🙂


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