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10 Mar 2008

11.13 Multicast MVR

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Spent an hour or so trying to get MVR working.  I did manage to get a response in the end, but the whole feature does not seem to be very reliable.  One minute it works, one minute it doesn’t.  I tried  running it over a trunk, but that did not seem to work at all, and just got me a spurious entry in the MAC forwarding table that I cannot shift:

CAT2#show mac-address-table multicast
Vlan    Mac Address       Type       Ports
----    -----------       ----       -----
  10    0100.5e0b.0b0b    USER       Fa0/7
  40    0100.5e0b.0b0b    USER       Fa0/4, Fa0/7

After that, the original ping would not work until I removed the config, shut and no shutted a few port, said a few magic words (swore at it).  Then it worked again.  But the spurious entry is still there.

I really do not think this is going to come up in the exam.  If it does, at least I know where to look for it in the doc.


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  1. […] 11.13 – Multicast.  This was about the MVR corner-case.  I remember this from last time I did this lab.  It looked a fairly simple configuration, but I totally failed to get it working.  Might have to get my Ethereal laptop out. […]

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