Kevin Dorrell, CCIE #20765

13 Feb 2008

It takes for ever to boot my lab

Filed under: General — dorreke @ 06:39

I was wondering why, whenever I have an odd half-hour to spend in the lab, I don’t seem to get much done.  So I decided to measure the time it takes just to get going.

It took just over 5 minutes for my PC to boot.  That’s ever since I made the mistake of believing Symantec’s recommendation of an “upgrade” from Norton Security to Norton 360.  I don’t know what it is doing, but it sure impacts the performance of the machine.  Apart from not providing any useful logging any more.  Also, for some reason, if I boot the PC and get to the screen with the family logins, I have to wait about a minute before logging in.  If I don’t do that, then my desktop comes up with half the processes missing.

But the routers were the worst.  A 2611XM running 12.4(2)T took just over 7 minutes to reach “Press RETURN to get started!” from cold, and a further 1 minute 30 seconds to converge.



  1. Hi Kevin,

    Good Luck in your Pursuit!!!

    I have seen through forums, your struggle and determination for IE.

    Good Luck !!!

    Comment by Dara — 17 Feb 2008 @ 07:10

  2. Dara, thank you for your encouragement! I’ll make it sooner or later; I’m not ready to give up yet, and official retirement age is still 12 years away.

    Comment by dorreke — 17 Feb 2008 @ 14:47

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