Kevin Dorrell, CCIE #20765

11 Feb 2008

NMC DOiT Lab 06

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Spent this morning finishing what I could of Lab 06, but I gave up on the Cat 3560 stuff.

I am lucky in having a rack that is almost identical to the NMC rack.  R1 to R6 are six 2611XMs running 12.4(2)T advent.  Each one has at least a WIC-1T that connects to the FR switch, and most have either a second WIC-1T or an ISDN BRI.  R2 and R5 each have an NM-4A/S, which means I can load the NMC scenarios without any conversion as far as R1-R6 are concerned.

The “FRS” is not an FRS really.  NMC uses their R7 as a Frame Relay switch and as a “host”.  I seperate these functions.  The Frame Relay switch part is a 2523.  That has no less than 10 ports and means I can connect all the routers – even the 2511 console server – to it for any extra connectivity I might need. The NMC-R7 is a 2520 running 12.2(15)T17 IP-Plus.

Under those there are two real Cat 3550-24Ts for CAT1 and CAT2.  Unfortunately I don’t have any 3560s for CAT3 and CAT4 ‘cos they are still too expensive, especially if you want the Advanced Services software in them.  Instead I have two 2950-24s with a 2610 trunked to each one to do the layer-3 stuff.  It’s a bit of a cludge, and it means that I cannot test the 3560 special features.  But there is plenty I can do with them … except perhaps NMC Lab 06. 

I know ISDN is no longer on the blueprint, but I still have it for old time’s sake.  In fact, I use it quite a lot in the day job.  I don’t have an ISDN simulator, so the WIC-1B-S/Ts connect to a real public ISDN line that has three public numbers.  One number is for my telephone, one for my fax, and one for my routers to call each other.  So if I do any dialup testing I have to be pretty careful with the dialer-list ‘cos I’m paying a local toll to call myself !

So, I have written off NMC Lab 06 at a loss.  We are now into week 7, so I have loaded my rack with the initial configs of Lab 07, printed out the SC and AK documents, and I shall start on that tomorrow evening after I have collected my 11-year-old from his bass guitar lesson.  I’m just going to go and see what CCIE Candidate has to say about Lab 06 before I pack up.


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